Friday, May 13, 2011

Resisting the Rain

When it’s raining outside, there are those who look out their windows and think, “It’s raining. I better put on some sweatpants to match today’s mood.” Then there are those who decide “I’m not going to let this define my day.” I fall into the second category. When it’s raining (in the sky or on my life), I’m the person that works to bring everything full circle. When they sky turns gray, the nice outfits come out because I refuse to let outside influences make me feel blue (I don’t even own a pair of sweatpants). This post is dedicated to battling things that rain on life, particularly right now with my LAST set of final exams, graduation, and transitioning to working full time.

There’s nothing wrong with resisting the rain. There are always ways to escape from adverse circumstances by some means. The easiest way is through music. Its so simple— click a song on your ipod (or whatever audio device you use), and music can adjust your mood. When life is moving too fast, choose a slow song. When things seem sluggish, pick up the pace in an instant. Just remember to live in the moment sometimes! There’s also the option of inspirational quotes/mantras/prayers to balance one internally, but my horse isn’t high enough for me to tell others what they should believe in.

Now on to more superficial things (don’t judge me; they can help just as well). I believe clothing choices really can make a difference. Simply put, when one is well-dressed, it makes you less likely to slack off because you are dressed for an exceptional occasion. You are poised more confidently, sit a little straighter…your body language conveys to your own self that you are one the verge of succeeding. On the surface as well is the home. I’m definitely not imploring readers to ‘go regal’ and turn their homes into replicas of 18th century European drawing rooms, but a well put-together room can make your life seem less hectic. I don’t mean stuffy, I mean contemporary. If everything around you is perpetually clean and sleek, you can use this to encourage you to construct your life in the same way.
Tibi is a clothing line that never fails in designing for the self-assured woman, and Contemporist displays modern interior design from around the world.

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