Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Consumer Confession Post

I found the weirdest thing in my backpack today…It was the latest edition of Architectural Digest magazine. I’m ashamed to say I am in possession of such an object, but in my defense it was an impulse buy during a very stressful day (if that’s a legitimate defense). Most people would probably agree that purchasing such a non-assuming, wholesome magazine in a University bookstore is hardly a crime, but I guess you can say that I caught myself going against self-imposed ethics.

Let me explain further—

I like to think of myself as someone who doesn’t let the pull of consumer-glamour get to them. In my mind, I imagine the modern day Don Drapers plotting together in their still highly-stratified offices on ways that will appeal to our weakness, and make us think we have to buy things in order to be happy. I realized a long time ago that keeping up with the Joneses would only bring a superficial satisfaction at best. This is why I believe so much in the green concept— acquiring or making items that have some sort of substance to them. Whether it’s the enriching history of an antique/vintage piece, or the sense of fulfillment one gets from going green and doing their part to save the planet. On this side of the fence, there is also a nod to the individual, the unique. Hand-made items become more personal because you know they weren’t made in factories halfway across the world, but by crafty individuals who have a passion for working with their hands.

This is why Architectural Digest is such a no-no for me. Purchasing it was like giving in to that Draper caricature. I wanted to see how the other half was living (or rather how the other 2% was living), knowing it had the potential to make me unhappy with my current situation. Luckily, as I flipped through the pages, I began to realize that I was not the target audience. It was geared towards a much more fragile demographic— the middle-aged man. You know, the ones going through mid-life crises who buy the convertibles and stock up on Rogaine. So fortunately, I was spared!

I’m not anywhere near Catholic, but in keeping with the title of my post, here are my 3 Hail Mary’s. These are blogs/websites that offer you a little more substance:
I hope I haven't overwhelmed you with my guilt! Hopefully some of you can relate.

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