Friday, February 25, 2011

Intervention: Minimalist Style

Folks, I’ve been a busy Jay these past few weeks. Between starting my new job, finishing up my last undergraduate semester (midterms are right aground the corner), extracurricular activities and other personal obligations, it’s becoming a challenge to keep my life in order. But I’m determined to figure out this ‘organization’ thing- and I’m taking you readers with me on this journey.

My life is so chaotic right now, and it brings me satisfaction to arrange everything. When things are organized, this can have an effect on your whole lifestyle. Your external environment has the potential to inspire your internal disposition and you begin to want to mirror your surroundings. 

When things are cluttered, you feel like your entire life is cluttered as well. Even though everything around you may be overwhelming, it IS possible to create a calm haven for yourself. Once you start tackling the big projects, all the smaller things will seem easy and you’ll be more likely to actually want to do them. 

Of course, this can relate back to my main objective on this blog: escapism.

The truth is, I may want my life to be organized in a comprehensive, aesthetically pleasing manner, but it’s much more fun to observe the hard work others have undertaken and succeeded. C’mon- it will be inspiring! And maybe I’ll get around to organizing my desk one day soon. 

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  1. I looooove minimalist design. I like to think that my room follows that aesthetic... underneath all of the clutter.